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School Safety

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Safety post for Alta View2
Safety is a priority at Alta View Elementary. We held a fire drill in August that was observed by the Canyons Risk Management Coordinator (Kevin Ray), a lockdown drill in September with the help of our DARE Officer (Officer Ryan Jonkman), and we will be having a bomb threat drill in November. All drills have gone very well and the feedback from the experts has been positive. Each time we hold a drill, we learn a little more about how we can refine and improve our procedures in an effort to keep all students safe. The emergency drills are also reported and discussed at our School Community Council meetings.

https://youtu.be/MbGNZBaukDw        Lockdowns

https://youtu.be/MmJbLf3pcxw         School Evacuation

https://youtu.be/JdFKzXMKEQE        Shelter in Place