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November 17, 2020 – Minutes

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Alta View Elementary SCC Agenda
November 17, 2020, 3:15 p.m.

This meeting was held electronically via video conference:

Welcome/Roll Call
Meeting convened at 3:17 PM

In attendance: Rachel Anderson, Jessica Davies, Vickie Hulderson, Scott Jameson, Jackie Jones, Noelle Jones, Allyn Kau, Becki Little, Jenn Rupp, Beth Floyd

Not in attendance: Pam Brooks, Rebecca Brown
No visitors in attendance.

Approve SCC Minutes from 10/20/20. Motioned by Rachel Anderson, seconded by Vickie Hulderson. Motion approved.

Business Items:
1. School Safety Drill Update: Scott Jameson
A lockdown drill was completed on 10/21 8:45 AM. Seven Unified Police Department police officers helped with the drill. This drill went well and was deemed successful. A few minor suggestions were made that will be discussed with the district. Next month’s drill will be a bomb threat drill, which is only held with faculty.

Each school has 3 safety plans they are required to put together: Digital Citizenship Plan (Due Dec 18, 2020), School Safety Plan (Due Dec 18, 2020) and the Safe Walking Route, or SNAP Plan (Due January 14, 2021). Mr. Jameson explained the plans in detail and showed the District website where SCC members can go to find additional info about what these plans entail ( ). We need to schedule a December meeting to ensure that we complete these plans before the due date. We will most likely include the Cultural Night, and possibly the NetSmartz program again. It was suggested by Mr. Jameson that we determine a date in December to meet before the due dates. December 15th was the date that was determined. It will be updated on the school calendars. It was brought up that when our safety plan is put together, we should take into consideration ways that we can incorporate COVID-19 into our safety plan, including COVID fatigue and emotional well-being associated with the pandemic. also has ideas for items that can be considered and incorporated into school safety plans. This was an informative agenda item only.

  1. Cultural Awareness Update: Scott Jameson

The district contacted Mr. Jameson about our plans for sensitivity training and cultural awareness and requested that we temporarily suspend our efforts. The District is working on some things to do district-wide and want us to stay consistent with what the District is putting together. They have given us permission to continue with our Cultural Night, but requested we do hold off planning curriculum for students or training for staff until we receive information from the district. The District is sending out a memo about how to celebrate Thanksgiving in culturally appropriate ways. This was an informative agenda item only.

  1. COVID Update and recap of presentation from Utah PTA Education Commission meeting on COVID-19 in schools: Scott Jameson and Allyn Kau

Mr. Jameson shared the District COVID-19 dashboard with the COVID-19 case counts for the District and the school ( ). Case counts don’t necessarily reflect transfer at school, and reflect community transmission as well.  It appears that the mitigation at Alta View has been successful with keeping COVID from spreading at school. All COVID procedures continue to be in place at the school and students are still very compliant with wearing masks, etc. Ms. Kau attended a PTA meeting with COVID updates. She said that, with testing, in-school transmission is about 1%. The current community transmission rate is so high that it may get to the point where it is unsafe to keep schools open. This was an informative agenda item only.

  1. TSSP/Land Trust Update: Purchase of iReady Reading Program to help support the reading goal: Scott Jameson.

Due to COVID, we are adjusting how we are spending our land trust money. The adjustment still fits into our approved plan. Because we are not able to get subs for our BLT meetings, and because of the increased final allotment of funds, we will be purchasing the iReady Reading program to help support the reading goal. This K-5 reading intervention is a computer-based software program. It has a diagnostic component that is standards based in both reading and math. The license is good for one year, which will expire in November 2021. Every teacher and child in the school has an account. This is being used instead of the Reading Plus program and we plan on this being an on-going program after the 2020 school year. This was an informative agenda item only.

Other Input/Questions:

Jackie Jones asked that we look into ways we can make the fire hydrant area in the front of the school safer. Parents are parking in front of the hydrant and blocking the bus entry at the school. Parents are also parking along the road between the bus entrance and exit, which is causing safety problems. Parents are also parking across the road occasionally and encouraging their children to run across the road. This will be considered when we discuss our school safety plan.

Meeting adjourned by Rachel Anderson at 4:30 PM

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