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Important Parking Lot Announcement

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The south horseshoe drop off area is now bus drop off/pick up and staff parking only.

Due to safety issues, we have moved our drop off and pick up place for our buses.  The horseshoe area on the south side of the school will now be buses and staff parking only.  No parents or private vehicles will be allowed in the horseshoe.  Running through the horseshoe and between buses is very dangerous.  The buses cannot see little children running between them.  Therefore, we recommend not dropping off or picking up your children around the horseshoe unless you work with them so that they know they NEVER-EVER run through the horseshoe, but need to walk all the way around it.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!

50th Anniversary Carnival

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This year Alta View Elementary celebrated it's 50th Anniversary.  Our wonderful PTA worked hard to pull off an incredible event.  It began with a jumpin' 5K filled with parents, students and music to keep them all movin'.  Following was an incredible carnival filled with games, bouncy castles and snow cones.  Alta View families and staff were all there to take part.  Whether to play or volunteer, everyone had a special evening.

Clark Planetarium

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Last week, Alta View Elementary's entire 3rd grade class was able to attend a field trip to the Clark Planetarium.  They had some time to explore and then enjoyed a show called Perfect Planet on the ceiling of the dome theater.  What a fun way to get out and allow for some hands-on fun to reinforce the science concepts they have been learning this year!
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