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Career Day

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Our students were so lucky to have the opportunity to particiapte in Career Day this February!  Several parents and community members spent the morning at Alta View to share their careers and experiences with our students.  Each person spent time talking about what kind of education and training they needed for their career, some of the exciting things they get to do at their job each day, and allowed students to ask
 tons of great questions! Students were able to listen to a live opera show, talk with local police officers, learn what prosthetics are, and find out what the life of a nurse is like, among many more! We're so grateful to have such a fantastic community! zywqP5kanu3hJdogB2n-aoB8YEekfdxlTwAMuFfcOWw.jpeg9z9EPDRbgDCqgHQT9 f5hlBQU1m1-Gqt64QFz0hv9pU

Alta View Teachers Receive Technology Grants

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Canyons School District Superintendent Dr. Briscoe recently made a trip to Alta View with some exciting news for students and teachers.

He came to bring new that five Alta View teachers had been awarded technology grants.  The grants were written by the teachers who wanted to use technology in creative and exciting ways in their classrooms.  

Mrs. McShinsky wrote a grant entitled, "Illustrating Math Story Problems Using iPads."  Her grant awarded her $4,325.62 to put toward purchasing iPads for students to use in the classroom.

The second grade team, consisting of Mrs. Malan, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Olpin, and Mrs. Trevino, were awarded a $10,000 grant to purchase new Chromebooks.  Our second graders are looking forward to using this amazing new technology!

Congratulations to our fantastic faculty for their hard work and dedication!

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Important Parking Lot Announcement

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The south horseshoe drop off area is now bus drop off/pick up and staff parking only.

Due to safety issues, we have moved our drop off and pick up place for our buses.  The horseshoe area on the south side of the school will now be buses and staff parking only.  No parents or private vehicles will be allowed in the horseshoe.  Running through the horseshoe and between buses is very dangerous.  The buses cannot see little children running between them.  Therefore, we recommend not dropping off or picking up your children around the horseshoe unless you work with them so that they know they NEVER-EVER run through the horseshoe, but need to walk all the way around it.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!